Monday through Friday, usually right about as I am about to finally reach the coveted treasure chest/ win the million dollar hand in Vegas/ cure all disease known to man, the darn Rooster alarm blasts and I am startled out of sleep and into the unpleasant reality that I am going to have to roll out of bed, march across the cold floor and begin yet another work day before the sun even considers making its first yawning ray appear across the horizon.  And every morning, right before I crawl from under the warmth and sanctity of my comforter and away from all the dreams still beckoning inside my pillow, I wonder” Why? Why am I getting out of bed…do I really have to go? What if I just stay in this one time- it won’t be the end of the world, if I just roll back over close my eyes and…”  But just as quick as that thought rolls through, I am up and moving, turning on the coffee maker and shuffling across the floor in my mis-matched slippers (I blame the sock eating troll’s cousin, the slipper fiend for that one) What is it that makes me vacate my warm cocoon day in and out, forces me to rise and shine, enables me to battle away the sleepiest of thoughts and start the day?

Motivation is an interesting thing. It comes in many forms, shapes and sizes.  What affects one may be but a insignificant speck to another.  Yet inside all of us lies some form of motivation.  It drives us to achieve, accomplish, persevere and yes, get out of bed every morning.  Success is what drives me.  I consider myself a lucky individual, I have found a passion beyond fortune and dollar signs (of course, I have nothing against either of those) that makes me enthused even on the dreariest of days.  I know there are people out there in the world waiting on me, waiting for me, relying on me and my ability to guide them to success. There are clients who depend on me to get their butts back in shape, there are co-workers who await my leadership and direction to set them on the right path for the day, and most importantly there is my family who is counting on my strength and resolve to provide for and take care of their every need.  I want to succeed in all these realms- be an exceptional trainer, leader and family man.   The desire to succeed keeps me in check and focused on the end goal.  Perhaps that bed is warm and comforting but I’m not going to accomplish and achieve by slacking off and watching a marathon of the Golden Girls, as tempting as that sounds. Maybe the rain is pouring and there is a swamp land I have to maneuver through before reaching my truck, but making excuses and copping out will not get me any closer to having all that I want.  Realizing that I am the only one capable of cultivating my own success keeps me motivated and going (well that and about five venti coffees and double espressos throughout the day).

You see the trick with motivation is understanding the real passion and goals that you want to bring to fruition.  Waking up and thinking “okay, I need to go punch into work in order to fulfill my weekly hours“ is not going to provide you with the right mind set to make you want to leap into a new day.  If your first thought of the day is, “What’s the point?” perhaps it’s time to reanalyze your priorities, your dreams and the road you are traveling.  Is every day bringing you closer to the place where you want to be? Are you doing everything in your power to pursue your passion? Or do you simply wake up and go about your routine because that is what society dictates you must do, wake up; drink coffee; sit in traffic; punch in at work; begin counting down the minutes until the work day is over.  Is that any way to live your life?  I challenge you to ask yourself, what would I jump out of bed for? What would make me anticipate the coming of every day with such vigor and intensity that I wouldn’t need an alarm clock to dictate when the day must start? Are the right things in life motivating me, or have I simply accepted the daily routine as status quo along with the dread and misery of every weekday morning?

There are people out there who love to wake up and start a new day.  Those people are motivated and eager because their passion is driving their life. It has them set on cruise control and those truck stops filled with grease traps and corn syrup confections are not enticing them to slow down or veer off track. Once you find your true motivating factors you will realize how much easier it is to set your course, program your GPS and arrive at your destination in the quickest and most efficient manner, often detouring the construction and congestion you would have previously been stuck wasting time in.  I’m not saying you won’t have to take a toll road sometimes, take a few stops to refuel and perhaps even get deterred by a flat tire along the way.  But, as long as you have the right motivating factors to guide you there will be no reason to turn around or simply give up on the trip and settle in the first convenient looking bed and breakfast. You will be motivated to stay the course and arrive at your destination…and get a much deserved good night sleep, perhaps even sleep in a little.

So what drives you? What are the motivating factors that keep you on track, and is this the road that will take you where you want to go?