Our job here is to allow God to use us as an instrument of love.

To allow him to maximize our ability to give and receive love, not just any love, but agape love, love without boundaries, no limits, strings or conditions.

What a tall order. You might think it borders on craziness. With the amount of selfish, self-centered people in the world, you would surely be used, abused and tossed away like a wet towel if you approach the world from a place of love. Right? I understand why you would say that.

Let’s face it people, every time you turn on the TV, especially your local news station, you are bombarded with clips full of violence. The local newspaper is not a friend to the growth of this idea either. The headlines read, ‘Business worker kills 5 in office massacre’ or ‘Local child has been missing for 10 days.’

The world sometimes gives you the idea that if life were a battle between love and hate, love would be down for the count.

So then, what is this idea of Agape love and what does it mean?

Agape love is god-like love. Love that has no boundaries, a love wrapped in unselfishness and self sacrifice, full of understanding and forgiveness, just to name a few of its attributes.

So, are you proposing that I forgive those who have harmed me the most? Yes, that is exactly what I am proposing. You will be all the better for it. You will be free of hate and resentment and more open to receive the love from god that you will be showing your brethren.

I think somewhere along the way we got it all wrong. Most of us have been seriously hurt, had our heart broken all in the name of love. Our egos were equally crushed, in turn our mind, aka, our ego, said,”We will never let that happen again”. We then set out to protect ourselves, holding our most loving self back, protected in a safe place. With every unpleasant experience, we held back even more. We have all lost a certain amount of trust and faith. This is to be expected after being hurt. However, by blocking our flow of love in and love out, we miss the most beautiful experience we will ever be blessed to see, LIFE. See, by holding back the most precious tool you have to connect with the giver of life, we miss most of the blessings and growth opportunities that are given.

So how do we get to this place of agape love?

Glad you asked… it is almost impossible to reach that level of love.  After all, we are not God but the more forgiveness, compassion and understanding we learn to show, our fellow earthlings ,the closer we get to it and the closer to becoming what god intended us to become.

The more we love our brother, the deeper we worship him and allow him to teach us to love and receive love.

This is no 9-5 job. So wherever you are or whatever you are doing at any moment,

Get to work loving.